Websites/Designs that Inspire me

Okay so I realized that I am seriously terrified of color. Yeah I took Color Theory a couple of months back and I understand (sort of) the whole concept of color and color schemes. However, when it comes to me designing something I ALWAYS “play it safe” and stick to the basics. WHY? I seriously wish I knew why myself. Anyway I was recently going through some of my work I have done and I just noticed it, and then another thing I noticed is I use a lot of dark/neutral colors. But anyway I found a couple of websites that highlight the use of “minimal color designs”. I got inspired by a few things, but I know this is something that I still need to work on. Because no matter how much it works for me now my portfolio still needs to show my versatility, especially since I plan on doing more than print and web design in the future.

10 Designs that inspire me:

3ds max 7 modeled, white armchair design by jaime Tressera


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concrete5 CMS

Okay so Im new to the whole blogging/CMS thing, but on this post Im going to talk about this (Sort of) new  CMS called concrete5. both wordpress and concrete5 do the something, which is make it easy for a person who is not a web developer to edit and maintain their own website. Based on what I recently learned and from hands on activity, wordpress blogs are extremely simple to manage, customize, and maintain. We as people always want to find an easier way to do things though, and from what I read in a II part article about concrete5 its just as good as wordpress, and comes with a wysiwyg, in context editor. These CMS are obviously very popular at the moment, once I understand the whole “language” for writing a custom site for it I plan on using concrete5.

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3D Portfolio Websites

Okay so Ive been doing a lot of research on portfolio websites to get ideas for my own, and out of all of the sites I looked at there have only been 2 3d sites. Surprisingly the websites are javascript, not flash. Now I would love to do something like this for my portfolio site, in fact I plan on it, however at this moment I don’t event know where to begin. I think these sites are so much better than the regular html/css sites, so if you understand script I would highly suggest that you take this route and your portfolio will be sure to standout from the rest.

Link to the site:

Link to the post:

Portfolio website of sorts that presents and gathers information in a 3D movable environment. It was created to stand out from the seemingly increasing Internet suburban landscape of soft gradients, SVG images and jQuery UI themes. I particularly like the more analog presentation with six degrees of freedom. I would enjoy hearing feedback on the originality and application of a 3D environment. –David Lettier

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What inspires me

My name is Damon Boler, and I am a Graphic Design student at Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

I can find inspiration in anything, everywhere I look its a pattern, texture or something that I will eventually look back and remember when Im designing something.

As far as what motivated me to become a Graphic Designer, its my talent, and:


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