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Websites/Designs that Inspire me

Okay so I realized that I am seriously terrified of color. Yeah I took Color Theory a couple of months back and I understand (sort of) the whole concept of color and color schemes. However, when it comes to me designing something I ALWAYS “play it safe” and stick to the basics. WHY? I seriously wish I knew why myself. Anyway I was recently going through some of my work I have done and I just noticed it, and then another thing I noticed is I use a lot of dark/neutral colors. But anyway I found a couple of websites that highlight the use of “minimal color designs”. I got inspired by a few things, but I know this is something that I still need to work on. Because no matter how much it works for me now my portfolio still needs to show my versatility, especially since I plan on doing more than print and web design in the future.

10 Designs that inspire me:

3ds max 7 modeled, white armchair design by jaime Tressera


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