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3D Portfolio Websites

Okay so Ive been doing a lot of research on portfolio websites to get ideas for my own, and out of all of the sites I looked at there have only been 2 3d sites. Surprisingly the websites are javascript, not flash. Now I would love to do something like this for my portfolio site, in fact I plan on it, however at this moment I don’t event know where to begin. I think these sites are so much better than the regular html/css sites, so if you understand script I would highly suggest that you take this route and your portfolio will be sure to standout from the rest.

Link to the site:

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Portfolio website of sorts that presents and gathers information in a 3D movable environment. It was created to stand out from the seemingly increasing Internet suburban landscape of soft gradients, SVG images and jQuery UI themes. I particularly like the more analog presentation with six degrees of freedom. I would enjoy hearing feedback on the originality and application of a 3D environment. –David Lettier


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